“Having lived in New Orleans, the UK, and Los Angeles, James Rose draws inspiration from the music scene in each place he has called home. Each city has laid its vibrant cultural and musical tapestries along the paths of Rose’s own creative journey. His newest single, “Simplicity” acts as a mantra for inner peace and clarity as breezy melodies dance through warm, West Coast haze.”

Music Tap

It’s no surprise to learn that James Rose has previously lived in the UK as there’s a distinct Beatles vibe to this Californian songwriter’s new single. Its message of peace and understanding only adds to that feel and a little West Coast warmth finishes things off nicely.”

Songwriting Magazine

James Rose‘s relaxed, blissful “Simplicity” may make you feel like you’re somewhere on a tropical island, but his lyrics aren’t always as optimistic. The Los Angeles musician is an explorer who takes note of every moment passed, bringing us along on his journey—joyous or not.”

Magnet Magazine

Sun kissed pop with elements of psych from Los Angeles based musician James Rose. Simplicity is orchestral rallying pep talk to push through the barriers of fear and can be enjoyed above.”

Diamond Deposits

His songs find inspiration from the good stuff and would fit right in on a mix tape alongside former MAGNET covers stars like Elliott Smith, Ty Segall and Kurt Vile. ”

Magnet Magazine

The collection of songs is awash in mellifluous, melodic folk-pop and symbolizes a huge life change in body, mind, and spirit.”

The Big Takeover [7/26/18]

James Rose's "Lullabies to the Ocean" is an unassuming gem.”

The Deli

"simplicity/Can't Stop dreaming" OUT now!

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